Who we are 

TrackLit a brand of Tracklit technology pvt ltd, deals in GPS tracking devices, anti-radiation chips and all kind of IoT solutions and services. We are operating in pan India, providing great experience in real time tracking to our clients. We are a team of highly motivated IOT enthusiasts with the mission of building the planet safe for kids, women and all human beings with affordable GPS tracking and alert solution from India.

What we do

We give you the “Promise of Safety”


We are an IoT company which develops, designs, manufactures and markets our product, application and services. Our idea behind this company is to create smart and safe environment for all human beings so that they we can make their lives happy by our various products and services.

TrackLit is creating the environment safe and technologically smart so that the people can explore the world freely without the fear of any unpleasant and inhuman event. We aim to cater your security needs in the most sophisticated manner to ensure that safety of your loved ones is in right hands and you can have the perfect peace of mind.


Our primary vision is to provide high quality, reliable and affordable products and solutions to the society for making their lives secure and happy. In the next 2 years, we see ourselves as a leading company in Indian market, to continuously improve the environmental well-being, processes and skills for quality life. 


What we offer

Tracklit technology pvt ltd. offers some of the best product

  • Vehicle Tracker
  • Personal Tracker
  • Digital Id Card
  • Pet Tracker
  • Anti-Radiation Chips
  • Mobile Application
  • Web Application
  • IoT Solutions