1. Safety and health

Always read the manual before you use our products on


The device/watch can cause interference with other devices. Turn the device off in dangerous environments. Examples of environments like this are gas stations or (chemical) factories, but also airplanes and hospitals.

When in use of a medical device such as a pacemaker. Check the instructions of the pacemaker to make sure it’s safe to use in combination with a device/watch with broadcasting. 

  • Do not touch the device with heavy objects that can damage the display, also make sure the display stays clean. Don’t use the product if it’s damaged.
  • Make sure water can’t penetrate into the device. Does this happen anyway and the device gets damaged, will this not be covered by the standard warranty. Make sure the device won’t get exposed to rain, humidity or any corrosive substances. If this happens, remove the battery and place it back when the device is completely dry.
  • Don’t use or keep the device in dusty places to prevent damage.
  • Don’t expose the device to warm environments. High temperatures can cause a shortened durability of the electronic circuit.
  • Don’t expose the device to cold environments. The electronic circuit can get damaged because of condensation.
  • Don’t misuse the product by throwing or hitting things or people with it which could lead to damage to both the device and the environment.
  • Don’t use any cleaning products or corrosive substances to clean the device. Use a soft rag to clean the device.
  • If your product doesn’t work properly, let a professional repair the device.
  • User rights: devices and Tracklit App

The products and services of Tracklit can be used for personal purposes. The user rights also includes the rights to use and download our software and app.

The user registration and approval of the terms of use can only be done by a person older than 18 years. Minors or elderly under supervision can only register with the explicit consent of their parents/supervisors.  

  • Liability operation, software and hardware

The products of Tracklit are an auxiliary to make supervision of elderly and children easier. By no means is it a replacement of supervision. Like in other occasions are technical devices never 100% faultlessly.

On no occasion is Tracklit responsible for actual or alleged damage related with death, injury, damage to property or consequential damages/indirect damage resulting from direct or indirect use of the device and/or the software/app. 

Privacy Policy

Personal data and the collecting of user/position data are explicit intended for the operation of our products (app and GPS platform). The data will be insightful for technical staff when there is a service request. The data will never be shared/sold publicly, unless regulations of the law force us or if there is a buyout of the company. If that’s the case, customers of Tracklit will get informed forehand. The following data will be collected by the us for the purposes of operation of the following services:

  • Username and password of our services
  • First name and E-mail of the user
  • Device’s ID-number
  • Device’s Sim number
  • SOS/monitor numbers and phone numbers the device can call.
  • GPS, GPRS and WIFI position data. The data will saved on our database for a maximum duration of 3 months.
  • Geofence settings
  • If present in device; Activity tracking (pedometer), sleep intensity, heart rate monitor, battery capacity, network strength, data for the maximum duration of 3 months.

If you order a product, we need your name, e-mail address, shipping address and payment details to carry your order out and keep informed about the progress of your order. We use your email address to inform you about the development of our website and special offers. If you no longer appreciate this, you can unsubscribe on our website. Data about the usage of our site and the feedback we get from our visitors help us to improve our website. It is possible to request a complete removal of all data on the servers of Tracklit.