iSecuro personal tracking device help you know where your loved ones are and be alerted if they go far or to any unauthorized zone- right from an app on your mobile or via web mail on your computer. Stay relaxed knowing that your loved ones are completely safe.

When the term Personal Tracking Device is mentioned, what comes to your mind? A GPS device that provides a safety net to our loved ones, to those who are suffering from disability, to parents who are worried about their children, a worried spouse who fears why his/her partner is not home yet, An employer who wishes to keep a track on its employees if they are actually doing their jobs. Whatever the reason is you can find a personal tracking device specifically designed to fit your needs.

The latest innovations in technology have introduced robust GPS tracking devices with diverse features like portability, user-friendly, compact, communication support and various others. Personal tracking device are perhaps an ideal way for families and caregivers to keep a track of their loved ones. At iSecuro we stock a range of GPS devices to provide you precise location and real-time mobility of the person who is carrying the tracker. There is a SOS call button for emergency situations, 3 calling buttons, MIC, Ear piece, LED and other required features that send you all the information and alerts on your mobile phones via smart app.

Personal tracking device gives you an ability to locate another person, object or thing and receives information from the GPS satellite network in space. It could be helpful item in a situation where a child, any traveler, person with disability, even your luggage while travelling, or any precious item goes missing as these devices can also serve you the history of locations and also the real-time movements to give you peace of mind.

You can also use special mapping software to create a geo-fence or virtual perimeter on the map, when the person carrying the device either leaves or enters that perimeter, a notification can be sent to a specific phone number or email via text message. This makes tracking more convenient and keeps you stress free. All the tracking information is real-time and stores the history of location on our database for later retrieval when needed. Emergency SOS button can be set to notify up to 5 predetermined numbers via SMS alert. The notification is immediate and also tells the time and address from where the SOS was generated. If you want to know more about our device contact us now, we would love to assist you.