iSECURO is a leading brand which brings the most advanced and fully loaded GPS Tracking Devices in India. We specializes in Google map applications, GPS Software customization and mobile based development for a carefree life. We bring in the best of technologies and software for the security of your invaluable assets, your family and yourself. We are the leaders in creating customized GPS Tracking Devices in India, because for us “you” comes first.

Our high-end GPS devices gives you the peace of mind. We offers a wide range of GPS tracking devices –

  • Car Navigation system
  • Business Tracking Devices
  • Personal Tracking Devices
  • Kids GPS Tracking Devices
  • ICard GPS Tracking Device for child and School Bus Tracking Devices for schools

With iSECURO you can track your assets and loved ones anytime anywhere. We promises to deliver state-of the-art technology and unbeatable features to make your relationship with us trustworthy. Our devices comes with unmatchable characteristics:

  • Geofencing Technology with real time location and defining areas
  • Big storage space to keep your records safe and replay the route of the carrier
  • Emergency call or SMS options for panic situations
  • Updated software versions for a seamless and error free experience
  • Devices available in all sizes for keeping the safety device portable
  • Affordable yet efficient for business or personal use

Today this fact cannot be denied that we are living in a very unpredictable and unsafe environment. Our kids are being taken care by people who are not known and the intentions cannot be predicted. Similarly we are leaving our movable and immovable assets on the mercy of others. iSECURO has come up with a solution for all these worries. Install an iSECURO GPS tracking device in your vehicles or let your loved ones carry a personal tracking device and track their movement with the touch of a button.

Isecuro GPS Tracking Devices are truly the new definition of Safety.

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