Establishing a business and running your business in a smart and efficient manner are two separate things. Whether you own a business of outgoing goods or you possess a fleet of vehicles running on the roads 24×7. Our monitoring system is efficient enough to make your tracking and management easy. Isecuro understands this continuous struggle of keeping up with the pace and introduces GPS Tracking System for Business.

Our small I-D card size GPS device can be easily installed in your vehicles. It provides an error free GPS tracking for business vehicles. You can check the location of your vehicles once they are out of your sight and completely on the mercy of the drivers. Track your moving vehicle through your smart phone anytime.Isecuro not only provides the present location but also gives you the previous location history as well as geofencing notification of your moving vehicles.

ISecuro is amongst the top GPS devices in India and we believe in creating trends. There are various Commercial GPS Tracking Systems available in the market today. But our GPS Tracking System for Businesses comes with many interesting and exciting features.

  • Historical Data Retrieval

With Isecuro you cannot only check the real time location of your fleet but can also check the history of the routes. It proves to be very handy while calculation of mileage and efficiency of the driver

  • Real time alerts and notifications

This is a very effective feature. Alerts are sent to inform any kind of breakdown or emergency to the owner. Help and assistance can be sent on time in case of any emergency situation

  • Best in class customer service

Once the management of the fleet comes under the control, it becomes easier to provide real time deadlines to the customers. Business are able to deliver goods on time. It always proves to be a win-win situation

Our customer can completely rely on our GPS Tracking System for Businesses for management of their business and fleet more efficiently. We provide the best service when it comes to planning, communication and effective delivery.