Ensure safety of your little ones with iSECURO

“Where is my child?”  This is perhaps one of the scariest thoughts and a heart-stopping question for the parents. Losing sight of your child in a busy place or not being able to connect when the kids venture outside, often plunges parents in the panic mode.

But relax! iSECURO, kids’ security devise, provides the much needed relief to all the concerned parents out there. iSECURO is a GPS tracking device, which can be put in the bag or pocket of your school going kids.

iSECURO offers you real time location of your child whenever you demand. The novel device also has a host of other functionalities like triggering alerts, turning off automatically when the child is in class, school attendance automation, school bus notification, etc.

Being the size of a Credit Card, iSECURO is light in weight, convenient to carry, cost effective, and really simple to be put into use. You can now follow and track your loved ones through a smart phone or a web application.

Moreover, educational institutions can also use iSECURO to ensure security of children studying in their premises, especially students using the school bus. Tracking movement and location will give an extra edge to ensure students’ safety.

iSECURO is a valuable asset, which ensures a child’s safety as well as a parent’s/teacher’s tranquility.