Looking for the best GPS Tracker for kids? Know more about iSecuro’s GPS Kids Locator below.

Do you know where you children are in your absence? Chills run down the spine with the thought of not having their whereabouts when they are in company of strangers in your absence. If you are always on the look for a portable user friendly device which can help you in tracking the location of your loved one then Isecuro brings an ultimate solution for you.

Grab your hand on our Kids GPS Locator and leave your worries aside. Isecuro brings to you this ideal product for your toddler, pre-schooler, Growing kid or your teenager. One solution for all your child related worries. Our Kids GPS Locator is designed to give you the best benefits. We have loaded our device with foolproof features and most accurate and latest software.

Here’s why our Kids GPS Locator is the Best GPS Tracker for Kids:

  • Portability

It is designed to be light weight portable device which the child can carry easily without any hassle. Being the size of a credit card it can be safely kept in the pocket or bag of the child.

  • Smart Phone Web Application

Today everyone carries a smart phone. Making that smart phone a tracking device for your child is an interesting idea which Isecuro provides. You can track the location of your child anytime anywhere through our web application for smart phones

  • Demarcation of areas

Parents can demarcate safe and unsafe zones for the child. Our Kids GPS Locator provides you instant notification if these rules are violated. This alarms the parents if the child is being taken to any unsafe area

  • Alerts and Notifications

Our device sends alerts and notifications to your mobile phone if the child is in danger, school attendance updation, triggering alerts as well as school bus notifications

With Isecuro you get the real time location of your child. The coordinates provided are so accurate and error free can you can rely upon us for the safety and security of your child.