Home and School are considered to be the safest place for the child. Child can have a peaceful and carefree life at both the places. But what happens when someone tries to disturb the peace. That’s true because kids today are left with stranger maids and servants at home. Similarly apart from teachers, kids comes in touch with various other unknown people in school too. So to ensure safety of the child at school, iSecuro introduces an extremely valuable “GPS Tracking Systems for Schools”.

iSecuro is committed to assure guaranteed security to its users 24X7. We have a range of smart and intelligent devices that takes care of your little ones while out of house and in school. The biggest feature of our school tracking system being its portable size. GPS Tracking Devices for Schools comes in the shape of an ID Card which is almost the size of a debit card. The child can carry the same around the neck as an ID Card or can place the same conveniently in his or her bag.

Through these ID Cards, school management and parents can track the location of the child anytime whenever required. There are many related features which makes iSecuro GPS Tracking Systems for Schools worth adapting.

  • School attendance is being taken through this device itself
  • Parents gets notification about the child boarding the bus, entering the school and leaving the school
  • The status of the school bus carrying the child can also be checked real time through the device
    Parents and schools can quickly and effectively respond and act on emergency situations
  • Alerts are sent whenever the student deviates from the set pattern. Getting down at the wrong bus stop or moving out of the school without intimation, can be addressed immediately

iSecuro ensures the much deserved peace of mind to the parents and the school management. Child Safety and security being the top priority, we strive hard to generate automatic updated Child Tracking Systems.