Parents often express serious concern about their children when they are out of their supervision. Abduction, accidents and other crimes are being reported as the greatest fear and the possibility of ‘stranger danger’ is farfetched in the minds of parents. In such unsafe environment, parents are inclining towards real-time tracking device for children that use geographical positioning information to provide location-based services.

Parents find themselves in a dilemma whether to use or to use tracking device for children. There are many advantages of using the tracking system. One of the plus factors is having a GPS tracking unit for your child will reduce your stress and time you spend worrying about them. The satisfaction of knowing that your kids are where they are supposed to be and are completely safe gives you peace of mind. You need not rely on your kids remembering to check in with you and calling you all the time wherever they go. This can remove a lot of worry out of your daily routine and make your life easy. Your children can have desired freedom and you can have peace of mind.

iSecuro assures the safety of your loved ones with its most reliable and innovative tracking device for children loaded with advanced features like SOS, GSM/GPS, Calling facility, geofence notification, Easy Smartphone app for tracking & getting all the notifications and several others. It provides an additional facility of automatically turning off GSM/GPS in the classroom and updating school bus on/off notification. Our GPS-equipped debit card sized tracking device for children is the latest and smartest tracking technology that is convenient, user-friendly and affordable. The tracker can also be found vital in helping safeguard children with a developmental disorder like autism.

So, why to put yourself in a situation where you have to sit in a panic wondering where your child is, why he/she has not returned from school yet when a GPS tracking device specially designed for children could serve you the information that your child is safe. Engineered and designed to be compact and conveyable our tracking device can be easily handled and carried by your kids anywhere. And you can get to know their whereabouts on your Smartphone with our smart app.



One way to protect children from harm is constant supervision or keeping restrictions on them and the other way is iSecuro tracking device for children that lets you track their whereabouts and letting your children experience and enjoy their childhood. The choice is yours!