ISecuro is one of the leading companies providing you the best in class GPS tracking device. We take a pride in bringing to you a wide range of customized and affordable tracking systems for personal use, GPS Tracking device for Kids, Commercial GPS Tracking Systems and School bus GPS tracking system also. Our revolutionary product for kids comes as a portable I-Card GPS Device.

In the shape and size of an I-Card, our device provides an accurate and real time location of the carrier anywhere anytime. The size and shape is so convenient that it be used for various purposes. Our kids GPS tracking can be easily carried by the child in the pocket or in the bag whenever he steps out of the house.

Similarly our Commercial GPS racking system also comes in almost the same size. It is so convenient and easy to install. Owners can place it easily in the vehicle and can be rest assured about the safety and security of the fleet. It can be managed without any great efforts.

Our I-Card GPS Device can also be widely used by corporate companies. Understanding the value of time and manpower, it becomes easy for the managers to track their employees and improve productivity as well as manage time more smartly. It not only establishes trust and faith between employee and employer but extremely shoots up customer satisfaction.

Such uncomplicated I-Card GPS Device can be effortlessly used as a personal tracking device too. The most vulnerable section of the society is kids, disabled children, senior citizen and womenfolk. Whether carried in the bag or to hang it as an I-card, it can instantly connect with the installed server. We sends the location of the carrier in form of an SMS or email to our customers with the error-free coordinates of the location.