Parentgets a sigh of relief once the child steps back home or once the child reaches school. As school and home are considered to be the safest place for the child. But who ensures the safety and security of the child while in transit. The child is dependent on the vigilance of the helpers and drivers. Parents and schools cannot completely rely on them when it comes to child safety. Hence to keep the transit in control many schools have adopted Tracking System.

School Bus Tracking System is basically a GPS enabled tracking device which can be easily installed in the school fleet. Through this device, the school as well as the parents can track the real time location of the school bus. This device sends signals to geostationary satellites which are intercepted by the servers installed in the school with the management.

The same technology is linked to the cell phones of the parents through which even they can see the correct coordinates of the bus and their child. While providing an additional security cover to the child, it also ensures the parents about the seriousness of the school towards child safety. Tracking System proves to be a boon today when the media is loaded with news regarding crime against children.

A number of purposes are being solved by School Bus Tracking System:

  1. Child Security is the topmost reason to install such a device in school fleet. Management and parents can track the bus anytime
  2. Routes can be planned and pre-assigned to the bus drivers. Any deviation from these routes will alarm the school instantly
  3. Parents can keep a check on the location of the bus and can make arrangements for a safe pick up of the child
  4. Any delay or unjustified stoppage of the bus can be handled swiftly reducing the chances of a fatal incident

School Bus Tracking System is a comprehensive security system with humungous benefits for the child. Real time tracking, alert signals and route planning makes it the best deal for child safety.