iSECURO equips the school management with the smart, innovative and cutting edge school bus GPS tracking system to ensure children safety during transit.

When parents send their children to school they place their trust on the school bus, its driver and school authority for taking care of them. The only thing they expect is the safe journey of their children from home to school and back. Thus, it becomes a major responsibility for every school, school bus agency, and relative authorities to keep an eye on every movement of the vehicle carrying school children. iSecuro specially designs school bus GPS tracking devices for you to manage all your fleet of buses smoothly and efficiently.

Transform your school buses into a smart bus by simply installing our School bus GPS tracking system and ensure that you stay aware of the whereabouts of children all the time. Not only the school or bus authorities but also parents are kept updated using this service.

The iSecuro School bus GPS tracking device will provide access to an innovative web-based dashboard for tracking buses, receiving emergency alerts, providing information on driver safety rating and more. Parents, on the other hand, can have all the tracking information on their mobile devices which will include school bus location, the arrival time of the bus, children location and much more.

Through this school management, bus service agencies and parents can keep an eye on children from anywhere and at anytime. There are many other beneficial features which make iSecuro School bus GPS tracking system more credible and worth investing.

  • End-to-end tracking service inclusive of devices, application, and connectivity at an efficient cost of ownership.
  • Real-time tracking and alerts assist you in safe transit of children.
  • It is a cost-effective investment as by using this GPS tracking system maintenance cost can be managed with least fund wastage.
  • It will improve route planning which will save fuel cost, time and miles driven.
  • You can keep a tab on driver’s driving behavior and safety by accessing the data that measures speed, acceleration, turning and braking of the bus. This will ensure that the drivers stay responsible for the safety of children.
  • Real-time tracking and route replay function are certain features that make this school bus GPS tracking system most reliable for every school.