What was developed as a technology to assist defence machinery is now inseparable from our daily lives. Portable GPS tracking devices promise to go to the next level in the near future. They will soon be able to show real-time traffic movements and analyse these patterns to divide it evenly and reduce traffic at busy junctions.

Global positioning system or GPS is a navigation system which couples satellite data with a map to show our exact position and direction of travel. GPS technology is used in portable GPS tracking devices like GPS-enabled smart phones, car navigation systems and tracking devices which make commuting easy in your day to day lives.

These devices carry a GPS-enabled chip which communicates with at least 4 satellites at a given time and gives our precise position on a detailed map. Portable GPS tracking devices make it easy to commute in big cities where we may not be familiar with every street or section. Automobile car navigation systems have voice assistance to make sure you do not miss any turns or bends in the street. A Portable GPS tracking device ensures that you will never get lost again.

As a frequent traveller, you might find yourself in foreign cities speaking an alien language. Signboards wouldn’t be too helpful either, in such cases, a portable GPS tracking device is a boom. The maps in the device include everything from tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants and public transport junctions. Besides it makes you feel secure as a first time visitor to any city.

Portable GPS tracking devices are also used in fitness equipment to measure the distance and speed of your daily jog or walk. This data can be later analyzed to study workout patterns and improve upon it. iSecuro is one of the leading organization in the field of GPS tracking devices.