The icard gps tracking device for children is a portable and sophisticated device which is bigger than a credit card. It comes with inbuilt GPS software which your child can easily carry as an access card around the n14eck or in the pocket and bag. The inbuilt GPS software works 24×7 for you. The school as well as the parents will be able to track the location of the child anytime anywhere.

These small units can be worn by your children, or tucked away in a pocket or bag. One important feature of these icard gps tracking device for children is that that they quickly get into the habit of carrying it with them, without a second thought.

When your child has the GPS tracking unit, then as a parent you can log onto their PC or smart phone and immediately see whereabouts the gps tracker is at that moment and indeed where it has been in the preceding minutes or hours.

The icard gps tracking device sends constant signals to the geostationary satellites. It is the GPS which intercepts the signals installed with the parents or with the school.

These days the modern student ID card comes bundled with RFID and GPS functions so that the school teachers and parents will easily be able to know where their kids are. It prevents strangers from calling in, it also support SOS and family numbers. It serves as an excellent personal guard for elementary students.

As a parent you will know when your child reached school and when your child has left from school for home via SMS.

The device will need to be connected to a secure and reliable GPS tracking service, irrespective of the fact that it is a dedicated GPS tracking systems, or software on a smart phone, but in either case, the service available to the parents will be much the same. For many parents the extra reassurance is well worth the cost.