To upgrade the safety level of the students and keep a track of the routes, schools are adapting the most innovative GPS enabled School Bus Tracking System. The entire fleet management of school is being done through this device.

What is a School Bus Tracking System and how it Works?

School Bus Tracking System is a smart way to track the whereabouts of the school buses. It is a portable device which can be installed and fixed in the school bus. This tracking device sends the real time location of the bus through GPS enabled tools.

Once the school bus is out of the school premises, it is entirely dependent on the mercy of the driver. Hence making it the biggest safety threat for the students. With GPS Tracking System installed in the bus, school management and parents can instantly figure out any delay, change in route or any mishap with the bus.

Under crisis situation also GPS device can inform the authorities within time. Any road accident, kidnapping or hijacking can be addressed immediately. Over speeding of the school bus or unaccepted behavior of the driver is also under the scanner now.

How is it beneficial?

Both Parents and school management can be benefitted with School Bus Tracking System:
• It gives the real time location of the school bus
• Any wrong practice with the school bus can be scanned and addressed instantly
• Parents get notification in case of any delay or mismanagement
• Intimation about safe entrance and exit of the child from the school is received
• Planning and routing the school bus through School Bus Tracking System, brings down the fuel and maintenance cost

School Bus Tracking System is the most sought after technology when it comes to child security. From Route Management to real time tracking of the school bus, all can be handled through one device.