Schools are considered to be the second home for a child. School always works hard to provide the most secure and safe environment for the little ones. Even after fool proof measures, one cannot guarantee warding off all bad intentions. To add on to the security cover, nowadays schools are adopting the technology of an I-Card GPS Device for child.

What is an I-Card GPS Device and how it works? A GPS Tracker ID Card works on the basic fundamentals of GPS tracking devices. Kids wear their I-Card almost throughout the time they are in school. Through this card the school authorities and the parents can track the location of their child very easily. GPS Tracker ID Card comes with an inbuilt tracking device that sends signals at various frequencies. These signals are intercepted and location information is sent to school authorities and parents.

Now school can ensure the safety of the students while they are in school bus too. Once the bus is boarded by the students, school authorities can track the route of the bus, speed of the bus and any negligence by the driver can be caught on time. The complete process is at times installed in bus doors that sends signals to the GPS server in the school. Now parents receive messages of the child boarding the school bus and also once the child enters the school.

This technology is a boon for the schools who deals with the constant pressure of tracking hundreds of students in one go. Parents will benefit too as they will get the real time location of their child as and when required. Safety of the student can never be compromised through this technology.