GPS Navigation is all around us when it comes to safety and security of our loved ones and property. GPS Tracker for cars, Personal Tracking System, GPS Tracking for kids and students are some of the more variedly adapted technologies today. Joining the league is another revolutionary technique called GPS Tracker ID Card. It brings to you a more foolproof way of tracking.

This sophisticated tracking system comes in the shape of an ID card. It is sleek, easy to use and easy to carry equipment. It can be easily carried by kids, students, elders, females and mentally and physically disabled people. Tracker ID Card is absolutely convenient to install and use. Just like any other GPS devices it is remotely connected to the GPS server which receives the signals and intercepts it.

Another effective usage of GPS Tracker ID Card is as an employee tracking device. These devices can be installed in the access cards of the employees and the management can track the movement of the employees efficiently. School kids can carry them as ID card too. Parents and school management can keep a strict vigil on the students and their whereabouts.

GPS Tracker ID Card also comes fully loaded with intelligent features:

  1. Real time tracking of the carrier is efficiently done
  2. Office and school attendance is made more convenient
  3. ID Card tracking system comes with an SOS button for instant alert
  4. Card has pre-installed GPS and GSM chips to reduce the radiation as much as possible
  5. It supports long battery life for a more reliable security cover
  6. Such device is also loaded with Bluetooth technology

GPS Tracker ID Card comes in an I-card shape compatible design with all advanced features. This device is apt for school going kids and company employees. Its features makes it more reliable and safe.