Smallest GPS Device to Safe your Child and Family – I Card GPS Device for Child

Small Tracking Devices For Children

Newspapers, magazines, talk shows on TV or other media platforms, all are flooded with unpleasant news and instances of child abuse, crime against girl child, kidnapping and what not. Parents have always looked for ways to prevent such mis-happenings. Even schools are always on the lookout for security covers for their students. To address such issues and keeping the school and parents at peace, I-Card GPS Device for Child  is an ultimate solution.

GPS Device for child is basically a portable and sophisticated device not bigger than a credit card. It has inbuilt GPS software and can be carried by the child as an access card around the neck or in the pocket and bag. The inbuilt GPS software works 24×7 for you. The parents and the school can track the location of the child anytime anywhere.

The I-Card GPS Device sends constant signals to the geostationary satellites. These signals are then intercepted by the GPS server installed with the parents or with the school. Through the server real time coordinates of the child are sent on the mobile phones or emails of the registered users. These registered users can be members of school management or the family members.

There are many features being offered keeping the child security in mind:

1.) Geo Fencing: This is a very special feature. Safe and prohibited areas can be per-defined in the GPS system. Alerts are sent to the parents if the child moves out of the safe area or enters a restricted area
2.) Emergency Call Button: It is one of the most useful feature. In case the child has no other mode of communicating with the parents or guardians, he can simply use the emergency call button
3.) Panic Button: This button is used to alarm the parents or the school that the child needs help. Once the location of the child is tracked after the alert, help can reach anytime
4.) GPS / GSM enabled: The tracking device is enabled on both the platforms. Even the web application available are enabled with iOS and Android to make it completely compatible

Summary: I-Card GPS Device for Child is a very advanced and useful tracking device for the child’s safety. Loaded with hi-tech features it provides an unmatchable security cover for the child.